Mr. Himanshu Pudhir

Himanshu PudhirMr. Himanshu Pudhir

Mr. Himanshu Pudhir has over 14 years of Program Management and Project Management experience working in General Electric and UTC.

Mr. Himanshu managed $180 MM worth Video Solutions CoE that was engaged with Innovative product designs for retail, aviation, land infra, transportation, real estate, residential, schools, hospitals, media broadcasting and services industry (in field of media telecasting, content imaging and automation, mechanical modeling and CNC automation).

He was also the Head of Video Standards group at UTC India (RTP, RTSP, RTCP, TCP over IP, UDP, ONVIF and PSIA), video codec designs (SVC (H.264), MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MJPEG and JPEG), transmission networks, software management suites and software development and management methodologies (Extreme Programming).

He was also steering a cross-functional team (40 members) at GE. He was also part of product management, sales and marketing to develop video products and platforms for EMEA, USA, ASIA-ANZ and Middle East markets and also to get the customer’s voice on product viability, ideations and designs.

He also has extensive experience in managing OEM, ODM and contractual vendors on product design and engineering activities. Has expertise in Six Sigma methodologies, now adhering to ACE (UTC standards).

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