Mr. Arun Hariharan

Arun HariharanMr. Arun Hariharan, President, Quality & Knowledge Mgmt, Reliance Capital

Arun Hariharan is President, Quality and Knowledge Management at Reliance Capital. The company has achieved significant business results from Quality and KM initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma and IdeaExpress including over Rs. 100 crore in savings so far. Thousands of employees have participated in these initiatives. Two of Reliance Capital’s businesses have won the “Economics of Quality” commendation Award from the Government of India and also been selected for the Asian Network for Quality Congress, in Japan in 2009.

Before joining Reliance Capital in October 2005, Arun led one of the most successful Six Sigma Quality & KM programs in Indian industry at Bharti AirTel. These have now become case-studies at leading business schools, including IIMs. His total work experience spans 23 years across different companies and roles.

He is frequently invited to speak at Quality and KM events. He has thrice been Chairperson at the International Quality and Productivity Council’s Six Sigma conferences around the world. Recently, he was a key speaker at the World Congress for Total Quality and Corporate Governance.

He is the author of several papers and articles in leading international journals on the topics of Quality Leadership and KM. This includes his white paper on Quality lessons for Leadership published by the American Society for Quality.

Arun’s educational qualifications include an MS (Finance) and MBA, both from the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. His other interests are reading, travel, and music.

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